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Reminders, shopping lists and more!

Make sure you and your loved one are always on the same page with shared reminders and shopping lists. Easily set up on the web, mobile device or with Alexa to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

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* Both you and your loved one will need smart-speakers

Get ‘CareConnect’ Voice Assistant on your smart speaker to link your dashboard with Alexa

– Connect your dashboard with Alexa by saying “Alexa, launch Care Connect”

– Set reminders via Voice for your loved one on your Alexa device, and they’ll hear the reminders on theirs

– Manage a shared shopping list for your loved one via Voice. They add items, you add items, and you purchase them

– Get regular caregiving queries answered via Voice.

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* Both you and your loved one will need smart-speakers


Articles specifically picked to help you better care for your loved one, even when you’re apart

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Download our Quick Start Guide

Want to get started right away? Download our Quick Start Guide.

Quick Start Guide

Walk through the set-up and start taking advantage of all Caregivify™ has to offer!

*User must have an Amazon Alexa account and smart home speaker. If they do not have an Alexa account, they can sign up below.

1. Setting Up Amazon Alexa

Click on the button below to download the Alexa companion app to your device

Enable Skill

Link Account

Process Completed

2. Enabling Care Connect Skill

Next, click the button below to find Care Connect in the Alexa store and link your account

3. Setup Caregivify™

You’re almost there. Just login with your Amazon account, invite your loved one and inform CareConnect of your role to get access to all the great features.

Select your role

Invite Receiver

Login with Amazon

Inform Caregivify™ of your role to help it serve you better.

Invite your loved one to stay connected.

Simply login with your Amazon account.

Ready to take advantage of all caregivify™ has to offer