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Communication Strategies for Success

May 19, 2020


Communication is a cornerstone of any caregiver role – connecting with family, friends, co-workers, employers, healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and most importantly, your loved one. Establishing a communication strategy can help to inform and build positive relationships with everyone directly and indirectly involved along your journey.

Effective communication is more than a simple exchange of information. Communication involves emotion and intentions with the message, especially as a caregiver.

Success strategy tips to help guide the development of your communication skills:

1. Practice patience and empathy

2. Be an active listener

3. Remain calm, control stress and speak clearly

4. Show engagement with body language

5. Note your voice volume, tone and pace of speech

6. Be honest

7. Ask questions

8. Approach discussions with an open mind

9. Communicate messages clearly and concisely

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