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Communication Tips & Tricks for Caregivers

May 19, 2020


A caregiver role can be an emotional roller coaster and there’s no such thing as a bad emotion. Emotions and tension may run high and deter from discussing with someone but it’s important to stop to understand how you feel and what you need, so you can express it in a healthy way.

Below are some basic tips to help with communicating in a constructive way:

• Have patience

• Be a good listener

• Be straightforward, clear and specific

• Broach difficult subjects

• Never assume

• Control conflicting emotions and don’t be afraid to share your feelings

• Express feelings without placing blame on others and avoid intentionally hurting another’s feelings

• Listen to and acknowledge other’s feelings and opinions

• Be respectful of the time and place for the conversation

• Give yourself the credit you deserve

Expressing what you’re going through and what you need is important for everyone involved. Take the time to share and investing the time to communicate will increase the likelihood you’ll be heard and get the right responses.

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