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caregivify™ Key Features

Feb 25, 2021


Looking for a little extra help along your caregiving journey? The personalized dashbaord available to you when you sign up for caregivify™ includes some key features to help with everyday tasks, giving you more time to do the things you want to do with your loved one.

Send Love

This feature lets you show your loved one you are thinking about them with a customizable message.  Choose to send immediately or schedule a message for a future date.  Your loved one will receive a text message at the delivery time you select.


This feature allows you to set reminders for you loved one, no matter how big or small.  You can set reminders for a single time, or choose to have them repeat daily, weekly or monthly.  Your loved one will be able to see the reminders on their personalized dashboard and will receive a text message at the selected time.  Connected to the CareConnet skill with Alexa?  You can set reminders and have you loved one receive them by using your Alexa enabled device.

Shopping List

Want to make sure you are up to date on everything your loved one needs? Use the shared shopping list so your loved one can add items with you, saving you extra trips!  Items can be added in your web dashboard, your loved one’s web dashboard or with Alexa-enabled devices if you have connected with the CareConnect voice skill.


Our caregivify™ Resource Center has useful information ranging from caregiver self-care to navigating the complicated world of Medicare and much more.  Check back often as new articles are being added all the time.


Get a snapshot of your latest and planned activities in one place.  See when items are added to the shopping list, confirm that reminders are in place, and see when you have scheduled to send love.

Ready to take advantage of all caregivify™ has to offer? Click here to sign up today!

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